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  • About Sobha Realty developer

    Sobha Realty is one of the most famous developers in Dubai and a multinational company with many projects not only in the UAE, but also in other countries of the world. Due to a wide selection of luxury apartments and many exquisite villas and townhouses, Sobha Realty has made a significant contribution to the diversity and dynamism of the Dubai real estate market. By the end of 2017, Sobha Realty had 76 projects in its portfolio, including two large communities in Dubai: the $4 billion Sobha Hartland mixed-use development and the $8 billion District One project with an area of 445 hectares in the city of Mohammed bin Rashid. Contents: History of Sobha Realty construction company Philosophy and company mission Awards The most popular Sobha Realty Projects in Dubai Why is it...

  • A significant Sobha Hartland project is half completed in Dubai

    More than 50% of the huge residential community in MBR City is already ready, and delivery is planned in 2025. Sobha Realty, one of the largest developers in Dubai, has announced that its iconic Sobha Hartland project in the Mohammed Bin Rashid (MBR) City area of Dubai, overlooking Downtown Dubai, is 50% completed and is steadily moving towards its planned completion in 2025. To date, more than 30% of the real estate in the complex has already been sold, as Sobha Realty is seeing a huge demand for villas and plots for the construction of houses. The construction of almost 1,100 housing units, including villas and apartments, was completed at various stages of the Sobha Hartland implementation. Sobha Realty also announced that a third of the more than 74 hectares of development has been...

  • Sobha Realty launches a new premium class project

    Sobha Realty, which is one of the leading premium developers in Dubai, presents a new project in Sobha Hartland. This is a two-tower complex called Creek Vistas Heights, consisting of 57 and 51 floors and offering a collection of exquisite apartments of two types of layouts: full apartments with 1-3 bedrooms and apartments with 1-3 bedrooms, which also provide an additional room for a small office or a maid's room. The initial sale price of a property in Creek Vistas Heights is AED 1,220,000 (USD 322,000). At the same time, the developer offers a 60/40 payment plan, where the booking fee is only 10%, 60% is paid for the construction period, and 40% is paid upon completion of construction in the second quarter of 2026. As part of the advertising campaign, Sobha Realty offers a special...

  • New records from Sobha Realty in Dubai

    One of the leading developers of Dubai, Sobha Realty, assures: today the UAE is one of the world's main destinations for the acquisition of real estate. Representatives of the developer claim that in 2022 the real estate market in Dubai will develop rapidly. As a result, the developer plans to get about $1.6 billion for its facilities. It is reported that this indicator is higher than forecasts in 2021 – by 60%. Today, the developer is engaged in the construction of its flagship Sobha Hartland project, whose cost is $4 billion. Such a residential complex includes 9,000 real estate objects. Its total area will be 11 hectares. Constant demand from wealthy people has become the main factor in the development of the housing market in Dubai. It is also necessary to take into account the...

  • Dubai-based developer Sobha Realty expects a significant increase in residents in its Sobha Hartland complex in 2022

    Sobha Realty said it expects a significant increase in the number of residents in its elite Sobha Hartland community in 2022 due to increased demand caused by foreign investors seeking to settle in Dubai. The developer's statement says that more than 2,000 families currently live in the Sobha Hartland complex, and it is expected that up to 3,000 residences will be sold in 2022, and the community plans to host more than 6,000 families by 2025. Mr. Menon, Head of Sobha Group, said: «Dubai has always been a beacon of modernity and progress, and Sobha Realty has always sought to contribute to its growth and development. At Sobha Hartland, we strive to create an inclusive community where people of all backgrounds can live happily and comfortably». «We are confident that the...